TLC Foster Application

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Email address:

What time is best to call?

Vet information

Name of clinic/hospital:

Vetís Name:

Phone number:

Are you able to transport the animal to any vet appointments and ensure it takes any medicine it needs? Yes No
We will cover any costs but please be aware if you do not comply with this we reserve the right to find a new foster home for the animal.

Pet Information

What animals are you willing to foster?
Large Dogs (>50lbs)
Medium Dogs (30-50lbs)
Small dogs (<30lbs)

For fosters of dogs:

Do you have a fenced in yard? Yes No

If yes, how tall, if no, how will you keep the animal safe?

Are you willing to go through basic obedience classes if TLC provides them? Yes No

If no, why not?

Are you willing to have the dog indoors?

If youíre fostering a dog through TLC weíd like it to be indoors at least half the time for socialization and house breaking purposes. We understand that they may need to be outside during work hours, as long as it has adequate shelter when outside.

For Fosters of cats:

If youíre fostering a cat through TLC, weíd like it to be kept an indoor cat for its safety.

All fosters:

Are all the four legged animals you own spayed or neutered? Yes No

If no, are you willing to do so?

We request that you attend any adoption events we have while you have the animal. If you canít transport the animal yourself, we can have volunteers help you.

Home and family information

Do you: Own a home Rent a home Live in an apartment Live in a Dorm

If you donít own your home, will your landlord allow you to keep this pet?

How long have you lived here?

What small children live in the home (list names and ages):

List all four legged pets you own and how long owned:

Other information

How often will you exercise your foster pet and how?

Are you willing and able to deal with all the issues that may come with owing a pet? (chewing, digging, barking etc) Yes No

If yes, how, if no, why not?

If you go out of town, what will you do with your foster pet?

We request that you take the animal to adoption events we hold, at least most of them. We understand you canít attend all events due to other obligations. Are you able to do this? Yes No

How did you hear about TLC?

I acknowledge that all the information on this form is true and correct.

I understand that any misrepresentation of fact may result in the removal of the animal from my home by TLC.

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Risks of Fostering an Animal

Before you agree to foster animals through TLC Animal Organization (TLC) you need to understand the associated risks. These animals are often strays, and we may not know their histories. We do our best to gauge their temperament prior to setting up a foster home, but we canít test every scenario. We will do everything we can to help and support you should you have any issues with one of our animals, but weíre not liable for any damages they may cause.

If you have children at home, think carefully before applying to foster any animals. Animals are very unpredictable around kids, especially young ones. We donít want to see any children injured. The children also are a risk to our animals. Please teach your child to be kind to the dog, and never leave them alone unsupervised. If at any point you see that either the child or the animal is in danger, call us. We donít want to see anyone get hurt. We reserve the right not to place foster animals in your home if we feel your children or our animal will be at risk.

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