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TLC wants all animals for adoption to be up to date on their shots, and to be spay/neutered. If they are dogs, they should be on heart worm prevention, and if cats, should be leukemia/FIV tested. If you have any questions about how to manage this, contact our Adoption Lead at

North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic

The spay neuter clinic is now open at 3303 North Parkway. Prices are $35 and $45 for male and female cats,
$55 and $65 for male and female dogs
plus $10 for Rabies, FVRCP, Feline Leukemia or Canine Distemper or Canine Bordetella shots.
plus $20 for feline leukemia or canine heartworm tests.
Shots and tests are available at the time of surgery only. There is a $10 discount for 501(c)3 organizations


TLC has joined PetFinder and Home Again in a campaign to microchip all rescued animals. TLC will provide microchips for all rescued animals. Dr. Waite of Cornerstone will inject the chips for $10. The animal may then be registered by the adopter for as little as $10.99. We highly recommend microchipping all rescued pets. They are rescued because they were lost once. Let's give them a better chance of coming home, if it should happen again.

Preparing Animals for Adoption

Spending time with your rescued pet is one of the best ways to prepare it for adoption. This helps it to calm down and to get in the habit of being home with people again, after a stressful time it may have had, on the road, or in a shelter.

Take your dog for a walk daily, keeping it on a short leash when you do. Do your best to teach your dog not to jump on you, and to know at least a few commands, such as 'Come' and 'Sit'. House training is also very helpful. We are fortunate to have a volunteer this summer who knows dogs well, and can help you with these issues.

Spending time petting and loving on your cat can help it to be more outgoing in its new situation.

Taking Animals to Petco

We are welcome at Petco, and they are glad to have us there. Please let Nancy ( know when you are ready to take an animal to Petco. We like a week's notice, so Nancy can post it on the website. The minimum notice is one day, so the Petco people will know to expect us.

Remember to have a leash, collar, water and water bowl, for all animals you take to Petco, even cats. For cats, you'll need a litter box too, but Petco will supply the litter. If you don't have these items, let Nancy know, and we'll provide.

Home Visits

TLC highly recommends a home visit before an animal is adopted. You will probably want to take the animal along on the visit, in order to see how he does. With dogs, it is particularly advantageous to take the animal to visit one day, let him go all over his new territory, and then bring him back another day to stay. This lets the dog find his scent in his new territory, and helps him to be more secure.

Here is a guide to help you become more aware of the issues that you may find on home visits. Home Visit Form

The foster should be the one who finally approves the adoption.

The adoption procedure is more fully explained in the following documents. The first is written from the perspective of a foster parent, the second from the perspective of another volunteer, so you only need to read one of them.

Adoption Guidelines for Foster Parents

Adoption Guidelines for Volunteers at Adoption Events


TLC is in need of foster parents. If you can foster, please check out the following application.

Foster Application

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